A Chocolatey Treat Chocoholic:
n [chocolate + -oholic (as in alcoholic)](1968): a person who craves or compulsively consumes chocolate.
-Webster's Dictionary

I am an unrepentant chocoholic. I keep chocolate in the kitchen, and more in my room so I don't have to go all the way to the kitchen when I get a midnight chocolate craving. I will eat almost anything that has chocolate on or in it, though I draw the line at chocolate covered bugs. I get grumpy when I don't get chocolate that day. My dream job would be test tasting new Godiva products. Does this sound familiar to you? You just might be a chocoholic too.

It is my belief that no ill in the world cannot be cured with a large steming mug of hot chocolate (marshmallows optional), and I'd prescribe it for a case of the blues anyday. My own version of hot chocolate is usually more chocolate than milk, and just sweet enough to take the edge off the bitter taste of unsweetened cocoa. A recipe for it doesn't appear on my page because it has always been a sort of recipe that involves adding enough of each ingredient until the mixture "tastes good". Not the stuff of modern cookery, I must admit, but it's the only way to do it as far as I'm concerned. The Bonnie Stern version isn't too bad, however, and it has measurements to guide you along.

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Chocolate Recipes

Since this is a page about chocolate, I decided to make my chocolate recipes available from this page as well as my recipe page. It saves everyone an extra trip. The truffle and cookie recipes are my own, while the hot chocolate recipe is from the famous food writer Bonnie Stern and the milkshake recipe is courtesy of my net.pal Lady Guinevere. For more recipes that don't have chocolate, visit my I Have Dined Today page.

So far, here are the recipes I've made available:

  • Rich Creamy Hot Chocolate
    • A wonderful recipe for my personal cure-all.
  • Absy's Truffles
    • My own recipe for delicious chocolate truffles.
  • Guin's Mucho Marvelloso Milkshakes
    • My friend Guin's recipe for milkshakes made better with her secret ingredient.
  • Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • My recipe for tender and chewy chocolate chip cookies.
  • Hallway Mud Pie Mess
    • A quickie dessert with a weird name that definitely isn't suited to perfectionists, dieters, or people with high cholesterol.

    More will be provided as I get the time to format and upload them. (Are you looking for a particular recipe? Then why not e-mail me a request for it?)

    Chocolate Links

    These are a small collection of interesting links to sites that concern themselves with chocolate. I prefer to stay away from the major corporate sites like Godiva and Hershey, since the links are easy to find. Obscure chocolate links are always welcome, so please mail them to me.

    Sex Drive and a Drug Named Chocolate: Interesting reading, that's for sure. :) Now I can say I'm a drug addict!

    Cadbury Chocolate: Good chocolate. Available at your corner store. Come see and drool. Collect the recipes. Nuff said.

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