Chocoholic n [chocolate + -oholic (as in alcoholic)](1968): a person who craves or compulsively consumes chocolate.
-Webster's Dictionary

Chocolate was my first love, and is still one of the most enduring passions in my life.

It is my firm belief that there is no ill that cannot be cured with a cup of steaming hot chocolate, preferably with miniature marshmallows floating on top.

An admitted chocoholic, I always keep an emergency stash of chocolate somewhere in my room, be it a few leftover Hallowe'en chocolate bars, or a box of Belgian truffles some kind soul gave me as a gift. My favourite holidays are Hallowe'en, Christmas and Valentine's Day, since I'm likely to get some chocolate (though not as likely on Hallowe'en anymore, since I look to grown up... Now I have to wait until I have kids, so I can steal their loot. Hee hee...)


Are you a chocoholic? Do you have a webpage? Then join the Chocoholics Unite! Webring and become one of us!

Chocolate Recipes

To make life easier for everyone, I've moved the two recipes formerly found here to their own pages, which will make expansion of my recipe collection a wee bit easier. For more (non chocolate) recipes, go to my food page.

So far, here are the recipes I've made available:

Rich Creamy Hot Chocolate

Absy's Truffles

Guin's Mucho Marvelloso Milkshakes

Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies

More will be provided when I get around to it.

Chocolate Links

These are a small collection of interesting links to sites that concern themselves with chocolate. If you've got an interesting site you think should be on this list, feel free to e-mail me the URL.

Sex Drive and a Drug Named Chocolate: Interesting reading, that's for sure. :) Now I can say I'm a drug addict!

Cadbury Chocolate: Good chocolate. Available at your corner store. Come see and drool. Collect the recipes. Nuff said.

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